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Safety and health


The Safe Crossing pilot project in front of a selected school building in Prague 5 will combine multiple smart technologies with the objective to improve safety and awareness about the current traffic situation.

“The Safe Crossing project responds to the demand of the inhabitants and visitors alike for a greater safety, freely available Internet connection and a better information service about the current traffic situation, parking and the environment. Such a crossing combines LED signal lights on the street, which react to pedestrians, and smart lamps that, apart from a two-way LED lighting, provide other functions, such as an Internet connection. Yet another important safety element is the installation of a camera system, which is able to monitor and assess traffic and its intensity and which, at the same time, records the situation at the given location,” says the manager of the EU funds for Prague 5 Jan Vyskočil, when explaining the project benefits.



  • Installation of the LED signal lights, smart lamps and camera system nearby a selected pedestrian crossing



  • Improved safety
  • Better information about the current traffic situation
  • Monitoring and recording the situation at the given location
  • Wi-Fi connection



Thanks to the LED signal lights on the street, linked to a detector, the incoming vehicles will be warned about the presence of pedestrians. The installation of the smart lamps will not only ensure sufficient lighting of the crossing, but also a Wi-Fi connection and monitoring of the air quality. It will also provide information about the current traffic situation. Moreover, the camera system will be used for assessing the traffic and for monitoring the situation at the given location.


Project status


District Prague 5

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