Smart Prague Index

The Smart Prague concept sets out the basic requirements for implemented projects, but they cannot sufficiently cover the needs of an overall evaluation of the potential of projects and their subsequent impact, or precisely define their real benefit from the viewpoint of the successful implementation of the Smart Prague strategy. For this reason, a Smart Prague Index methodology was created and compares progress with the help of quantifiable indicators that measure the “complex smartness” of implemented Smart Prague projects and they can be used as a tool for measuring smartness at city level. The Smart Prague Index enables Prague city to map the initial state, monitor changes over time, monitor the impact and evaluate the successfulness of the projects implemented from the viewpoint of the Smart Prague Concept’s principles. We can also identify weak points and evaluate new approaches to solving problems. This knowledge provides the city with a source of information for the effective planning of suitable smart projects. Regular monitoring of the indicators used to measure smartness also expands the base of easily available data that is used for other relevant analyses.

All smart city solutions should be based on the five basic principles, that the city is: Environmentally-friendly, Innovative, Friendly and Motivating, Digitized, and Secure and Resistant.

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The Smart Prague Index will provide:

  • An independent, complex and transparently structured method
  • A tool for monitoring the successful implementation of Smart Prague projects
  • A source of information for planning (guiding) suitable future projects
  • An overview of the implementation of the Smart Prague vision

The starting point when creating a methodology for the Smart Prague Index (SPI) was the 5+1 strategic areas of the Smart Prague Concept, whose suitable development is described through specific, quantitatively set, strategic aims. These aims are interpreted as general expressions of smartness, which reflect the trends in smart cities in the relevant area. Each of the defined strategic aims is, as a part of SPI, described through specific, quantifiable indicators.

The methodology for evaluating individual projects follows on from the SPI. Evaluation is set up for the pre-and post-implementation stages. The evaluation parameters reflect the type of project (pilot vs. standard), weights are also allocated to the parameters in accordance with their strategic importance. This approach enables a relative comparison of various projects, both with regard to their potential and their subsequent confirmation. This facilitates the identification of weak points in a project. The better the evaluation a project obtains, the greater the positive impact that can be expected as a part of the evaluation of the city through the SPI and therefore in fulfilling the Smart Prague concept.

With regard to the leading position of Prague in the European and global network of cities, there is also a recommended procedure for its comparison with other cities that are dealing with similar challenges and are comparable with Prague. In order to ensure consistency and also simplicity, there is a proposal for the use of key indicators of the Cities in Motion Index (CIMI), which is published every year. Movement on the ladder of cities in selected CIMI areas is indirectly expressed by a shift in the relevant SPI areas, as there is a correlation between the CIMI and SPI indicators in these areas.

Connection of the indicators:

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An evaluation using SPI and CIMI should take place every year. With regard to the availability of data, the performance of evaluation is recommended approximately in the middle of a calendar year. Projects are evaluated continuously in accordance with current requirements and the level of their preparedness and implementation.

Through this project, OICT obtains a set of tools that enable it to:

  • Independently, comprehensively and transparently measure the potential of project plans and the success of the actual implementation of Smart Prague projects
  • Identify weak points and trends in the city’s development, including mapping technological developments
  • Effectively plan additional suitable projects for the implementation of the strategic aims of the Smart Prague concept
  • Independently, comprehensively and transparently measure the success of the implementation of the Smart Prague concept
  • Compare how successful Prague is in dealing with challenges in comparison with other global cities

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