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Do you want to participate in changing Prague into a smart city where living is more comfortable and pleasing? Or would you like your city to implement projects that would generate savings through the use of smart technologies, projects which would otherwise not get off the ground?

Send us your idea(s)! We will promote good ideas that meet the selection criteria.

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What do we do with your suggestion?


We evaluate every received idea

Smart Prague would not exist without you. We want to implement projects that will truly benefit the inhabitants and visitors of Prague. We therefore welcome your ideas and look at each and every one of them. The opportunities to implement your idea are reviewed in conjunction with academic experts and city representatives.


We support selected projects

If we see potential in your idea, we will prepare a project plan based on it and recommend it to the city or a particular municipal organization for implementation and pilot testing. If the project is approved, we will provide maximum input and support with regards to its implementation and its successful operation.


We use the PRINCE2 method to manage projects

The PRINCE2 methodology divides a project into stages, which is an essential part of efficient project management. The setting and maintaining of project stages, with clearly defined roles and set responsibilities, ensures chronological and systematic project management.