Monitoring of microclimatic parameters of the urban environment

Safety and health


The main goal of the project is to test technologies for monitoring the microclimatic parameters of the urban environment in the street space and the subsequent creation of a methodology for the implementation of this type of measurement. Monitoring will take place using a network of sensors to measure air and soil temperature as well as humidity, airflow, solar radiation and precipitation intensity at reference points in order to limit the heat island in Prague. The methodology will consist of a technological and implementation part, its creation is linked to the testing of suitable technologies.


The data obtained from the sensors will be transferred to the Prague Capital City platform Golemio, where they will be stored, processed and further accessible in the form of a data layer. This will create a database for the design, validation and calibration of measures to mitigate extreme climatic events (especially heat and drought waves) in the urban environment. The selection of specific sensor types will be the subject of a feasibility study.



·       Temperature and humidity measurement

·       Measurement of solar radiation

·       Air flow monitoring

·       Measurement of incident sunlight and precipitation intensity

·       Soil temperature and humidity measurement



·       Testing of suitable technologies for obtaining data on microclimatic parameters

·       Mapping of the heat island in Prague

·       Basis for planting greenery and changes in land use planning



3rd quarter 2022 - 2nd quarter 2024



ICT Operátor, a.s. - project manager

Department of Environmental Protection, Prague City Hall

Prague Institute of Planning and Development

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Operátor ICT, a.s.

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