Microclimate Monitoring and Verdure Biophysical Parameters Study

Safety and health


The project aims to create a monitoring analysis of microclimate to compare the biophysical parameters of green areas in chosen locations, to evaluate the quality of planting green areas in the city and to set scenarios for the development of the municipal district based on data regarding heat stress. The project will use data concerning surface temperature from satellite images and from IoT sensors regarding air and soil that are placed in five different locations. The project will support the development of green and blue infrastructure in a very loaded part of Prague – both by traffic and tourism – and it will support the adaptation to climate change.



  • Installation of IoT sensors
  • Connection of satellite and sensor data
  • Structure influence model of using territory on the level of heat stress
  • Interactive app for modelling scenarios of the development of green areas and construction in the municipal district



  • Data collection for further use and optimisation and the development of public green areas
  • Optimisation of green area planting in the city
  • Rainwater retention and its use
  • Evaluation of heat stress
  • Support for green and blue infrastructure
  • Adaptation to climate change in city conditions



The Prague 1 Municipality


Project status

Project canceled

Prague 1 Municipal District

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