Metropolitan Emergency and Health Care System

Safety and health


The main aim of the project has been metropolitan distress and health care system implementation (hereinafter referred to as “MDHCS”) which would have secured standard care services for seniors and people with health conditions (chronically ill citizens) with the help of o new, modern technologies which have increased sense of security to its users in everyday life at home or outside. By the project implementation, many unique findings and experiences have been gathered which possess territorial overlap and can be utilized during not only Prague but national strategic documents as well. Cooperation with health field was managed, which, as the project demonstrated, is crucial for operation and awareness expanding since it timely indicates the need for this service and owns to the magisterial character.


The project answered the increasing needs for long-term care for elderly people and proceeded from the following facts:

  • Approximately 4% of The Capital City of Prague population is constituted by people older than 80 years and the number is about to increase further.
  • There is a growing number of single living people in society, besides that, a different lifespan amidst men and women causes an increasing number of women of higher age living in solitude.
  • Owing to medicine advance lifespan of people with chronic illness has been prolonging.


The main aim of the project was:

  • To increase the quality of life for people with reduced self-reliance
  • Easy information sharing among health and social services providers and doctors via a unified integrated platform.
  • ICT innovations and new technologies utilization in health and social services area
  • Health and social services administration standards implementation
  • Building up information base for planning and city operating in health and distress care area



Innovative technologies’ benefit utilized in the project has been proven which demonstrably increase service standard and could provide valuable data for health area and thus help detect lifestyle changes of clients (reduced self-reliance people) that can be caused by failing state of health.

Beyond defined benefits, other frequent reasons for declination have been identified and recommendations and developing activities have been specified.


Pilot project evaluation

Project completion and gathered findings within the pilot run report is available HERE(CZ).


Team and project partners

Operator ICT, Plc. – project manager

Department of Health Service, Social Care and Prevention

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education

Czech Medical Association of JEP

Czech Medical Chamber

Czech National Forum for eHealth v.s.

Military University Hospital

Teaching Hospital Královské Vinohrady

General practice physicians



Project status


Operátor ICT, a.s.

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