Metropolitan Emergency and Health Care System

Safety and health


The primary objective of the project is the introduction of a higher standard of elderly care and care for medically handicapped people (chronically ill citizens). Using new, more modern technologies of assisted care and telemedicine will help their users feeling safe during their everyday life at home and outside. Due to the new possibilities, these people in old age, as well as people with medical limitations, can maintain full-fledged lives without fear and in their house environment.

Another objective of the proposed project is to link social and medical care in the capital of Prague. These services are, so far, provided under two separate entities, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (social/emergency care) and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (health care). The linkage would establish unique inter-department cooperation. The establishment of such cooperation by the city of Prague would set cooperation that has never been achieved in the Czech Republic so far.



The service is primarily designed for:

  • seniors and their family members
  • medically handicapped people

From the perspective of emergency care, the target group will be primarily addressed by:

  • medical doctors (mainly GP)
  • social workers who work under the health and social care department of the Capital of Prague or within the frame of individual municipal parts
  • via the portals for active seniors 



The assistance system does not focus exclusively on the end users, i.e. seniors and medically handicapped people, but also on their family members who take care of their parents, relatives or possibly also acquaintances. 


Team and partners of the project

Operátor ICT, Plc. – Project manager

Department of Health Care, Social Care and Prevention

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs 

Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education 

Czech Medical Society JEP

Czech Medical Chamber

Czech National Forum for eHealth, Rc.

Military University Hospital Prague

Royal Vinohrady Teaching Hospital

General practitioners


Project status


Operátor ICT, a.s.

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