Intelligent Form Interface

Safety and health


The project aims at facilitating a solution of life events or saturating needs by a natural way to a client of City District Prague 3 by utilizing an automatic Communicator. The communication will run in various language mutations according to the structure of clients of the city district. The whole solution is based upon a chatbot principle which by learned conversations collects information about the client and supports the client when filling a form or as the case may be will populate this form on the behalf of the client. Part of the project is an analysis of integration with the City District Prague 3 portal, analysis of integration with a form solution in terms of authority by way of The Citizen Portal, and following the implementation of a pilot integration with the present information system. 



  • Creation of form module 
  • An open data model for integration with external applications 
  • Creation of a tool for operation analysis and feedback getting 



  • Quality improvement of public service being provided 24/7 
  • Several languages communication 
  • Easier form application 



3/2019 – 3/2020 


Project status

Project cancelled

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