The 3rd year of the innovation marathon #NAKOPNIPRAHU awarded a tool for communication and tram routing, the recycling of coffee grounds from cafes and a fitness application for children

5. 6. 2022

On Friday, June 3, 2022, the Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning (CAMP) hosted the final of the public competition for innovators – Nakopni Prahu 2022. The expert jury selected 3 projects with the greatest potential for implementation and benefit for the residents of the capital city. The winner was the team Zavaděči, which deals with communication and tram routing at intersections without light signalling. Awarded teams received a financial reward in the total amount of 100,000 CZK and another 420,000 CZK to help implement the idea.

The 11 final teams presented their solutions to the written challenges in front of an expert jury. They evaluated the solution to a specific challenge, innovativeness, feasibility, overall contribution to the city and the business model.

Awarded teams:

  1. Zavaděči with the Řadička project
  2. reKáva with the reKáva project
  3. Gamifit with the Gamifit project

Zavaděči are solving the problem of tram transport, which in the centre is teetering on the edge of capacity. This brings problems that can hardly be solved by direct communication between the affected drivers. So modern technology can help. The controller transmits the necessary information to tram drivers in a clear and understandable way directly to the on-board computer in the driver's cabin. "We are extremely happy that our project was successful in Nakopni Prahu, which aims to help tram drivers in their demanding work in Prague traffic. We believe that both tram drivers and passengers will be more satisfied after the introduction of Řadička," says Kryštof Petrásek from the team Zavaděči, who also knows the issue from his own experience as a tram driver.

reKáva is a waste service for cafes, companies and other institutions. It ensures the collection of coffee grounds via an electric cargo wheel. The given organization collects the sediment produced in "smart bins" with an integrated chip, which monitor its condition and the filling of the bin. Through an application connected to "smart bins", the driver of the bike then has an overview of whether the sediment needs to be transported for further use. "I am glad that, thanks to Nakopni Prahu, I managed to move the reKáva project into a business form, and I am very happy about the award. Coffee grounds are a valuable raw material that currently ends up in landfills. In cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers, we developed and tested an innovative technological solution, which is already being used, for example, by a cafe in the Prague Creative Centre," says Jana Šrámková about participating in the competition.

Gamifit is a gamified fitness app for kids inspired by sports trackers and workouts created for use at home. At the same time, it brings the possibility of connecting, for example, with a teacher or coach, who can give children movement challenges using the application. The application can be used by e.g. schools to motivate their pupils to move even outside of P.E. classes, or in case of lockdowns.

Special partner prices:

• CodeNOW: The Kindr team with the Kindr project

• THMP award: team robomeow with the Petřín Tower Lighting Calendar project

• PVK: reKáva team with the reKáva project, Senzorvzduchu with the Sensors for Schools project, Nové Vysočany Nově with the Meet&Green community garden project, Way2Eco with the Way2Eco project

The final was the culmination of a four-month innovation marathon, during which the teams had support in the form of professional workshops, training and mentoring with experts from among representatives of the Capital City of Prague, municipal companies and private partners.



"Congratulations to the winner and other awarded teams. This year, already the third year of the Nakopni Prahu competition, brought many innovative and creative solutions that can contribute to the better functioning of our city and thus make Prague a model for other metropolises. I am particularly pleased by the fact that a significant part of the projects involved is focused on solving the challenges associated with climate change. This is also one of the main priorities for the management," says Zdeněk Hřib, the mayor of the Capital City of Prague.

"I was happy to watch all the young innovators, their enthusiasm and professionalism, which they showed in the #NAKOPNIPRAHU competition. They entered the competition with quality projects focused on topics such as the environment, communities and education & sport. I am therefore glad that, as the general partner of the competition, we were able to support a lot of ideas that use a modern, innovative approach and have great potential to solve challenges that can, and I believe will, improve the quality of life not only for many Prague citizens, but also inspire others," says the director of the section Smart City, innovation and project management OICT Petr Suška.

In total, 42 innovative teams entered the competition with an interest in solving current challenges and problems and thus improving the quality of life in the city.

The project Nakopni Prahu 2022 is inspired by the concept of so-called hackathons and modern innovation procedures applied by world capitals and private companies. The goal of this project is to find, develop and implement projects that will improve the lives of Prague citizens using technology or innovative solutions.

You can familiarize yourself with all the projects that the jury assessed HERE.

More information about the Prague Innovation Marathon and its challenges is available HERE.

Photos are available for download HERE.


About the Nakopni Prahu 2022 project


The Prague Innovation Marathon - Nakopni Prahu 2022 is a public competition for teams of innovators whose task is to come up with and develop in detail a proposal for a solution to eight selected challenges to improve life in Prague. The organizers of the marathon are Operátor ICT a.s. (OICT) in cooperation with the Prague City Hall, who commissioned the organization Insane Business Ideas s.r.o. You can find more information at