The expert jury of the eGovernment The Best 2022 competition awarded projects implemented by OICT

23. 11. 2022

The Golemio data platform, which processes a large amount of different data for Prague and uses them to build business intelligence, analytics and visualizations, won 1st place in the category of city projects. The 2nd place in the same category went to the Healthy Classroom project, which tested a technology for monitoring CO2 levels in a pilot operation. Both projects are implemented by the Prague city company Operátor ICT (OICT).

The expert jury of Egovernment The Best 2022 appreciated the OICT projects in particular for the fact that, especially within the state and public administration, they can be an inspiration for others in the field of electronic public administration in the Czech Republic.

"The municipal company Operátor ICT shows that it is possible to manage responsibly and transparently while developing functional and beneficial applications that help improve the running of the city. Congratulations on the award of two of their projects in this year's eGovernment The Best competition. Incidentally, the ICT Operátor project Portál Pražana (Prague Citizen Portal) won the same category in 2020" says Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of Prague.

"We are delighted that the projects impressed the expert jury and took the first two places in their respective category. We appreciate the award very much and see it as a confirmation that our people do their work for the capital city of Prague very well and put their heart in it. Thanks to its employees, OICT is helping to create a new Prague, especially by introducing modern technologies into the everyday life of the city," says Tomáš Barczi, CEO of OICT.


Golemio data platform

Prague's Golemio data platform is a unique combination in the city environment of a custom-made open source software platform for processing large volumes of data and an experienced team of consultants, data analysts and developers who provide the city, city districts and city companies with their services in data of various nature. The data platform routinely processes both real-time data, for example, on individual and public transport in Prague, cycling, pedestrian traffic or waste management, as well as statistical data on health, social services, public procurement, subsidies, environment, housing, energy and other areas relevant for decision-making by politicians, city officials or important for informing the general public. Golemio operates around 120 live dashboards on top of this data, several websites (e.g. with interesting statistics and information about Prague in simplified form and in context) and also back-end data applications.

Healthy classroom

As part of the pilot project "Healthy Classroom", IoT meters for CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity were tested in the classrooms of the Gymnasium Na Vítězné pláni in Nusle. Thanks to the IoT sensors, the teachers recognized in time when the classroom needed to be ventilated to restore a hygienically healthy atmosphere. Thanks to the testing, it is clear that similar indoor environmental monitoring technology is not only suitable for buildings designated for education but would find its application wherever large numbers of people are concentrated in confined indoor spaces and risk exceeding the CO2 hygiene standard. Furthermore, due to the detailed overview of the temperature in the building, it is possible to determine exactly when overheating is occurring in the building and it is therefore advisable to reconfigure the measurement and control system to save energy costs.