Smart Prague Index has been published in English for the first time

26. 10. 2020

Prague 21st October 2020 – Altogether a third edition of Smart Prague Index made ready by the company OICT bringing information about the development of Smart City in Prague has its English version for the first time this year. The aim is to offer the maximum information about the development of Smart City in Prague to foreign partners and thus to motivate them for further cooperation.

“We aim to decide about Prague’s further heading based on real data which the city has at its disposal. It is exactly Smart Prague Index that provides us with valuable data and I hope that in a near-future our way of operating base on hard data will inspire there rest of the republic,” commented the new Smart Prague Index edition Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib on the occasion of its publication this summer.

The English version of Smart Prague Index is being published for the very first time. The reason why is a still increasing interest of foreign partners about information, projects, and activities which Prague is developing in Smart Cities.

In the field of implementing innovative and intelligent solutions, the Czech metropolis acts upon the conception of Smart Prague until the year 2030 which was endorsed in the year 2017. Their implementation into the running of the city brings improvement and thus creates a technological future for a better life in Prague. For the supervising purposes of these long-term goals, ample methods are put in use measuring particular indicators uniformly every year.

“This is how Smart Prague Index provides punctual analysis and demonstration of the way how Prague has been successful in transforming itself by using Smart City components for smarter and more sustainable form. It is an exactly profound knowledge of conditions, needs and the city behaviour that is the key to better planning. I believe that this year’s Smart City Index yearbook will serve not only to our metropolis’ representatives for more effective decision-making but also to the general public of the Czech Republic and abroad as well for broadening our horizons about Prague’s operation in the Smart City area,“ mentioned OICT’s Managing Director Michal Fišer when referring to the published Smart Prague Index.

According to OICT’s Deputy Chairman and Project Management and Funds Section Director Matej Šandor, with the help of precise and for Prague tailor-made adapted methods, it is possible to track the development of projects in time, say in all six areas for which the concept of Smart Prague until the year 2030 is intended. These areas where modern technologies implementation has its greatest potential for positive impacts on day-after-day for Praguers are The Mobility of the Future, Smart Buildings and Powers, Zero-Waste City, Attractive Tourism, People and Urban Environment and last but not least Data Area.

In this year’s edition of Smart Prague Index readers will, for instance, make the acquaintance of the number of fast-charge stations in the streets of the capital city that has increased by more than 160% compared to the previous year. Or that there are more shared-cars (919) than the whole number of tram vehicles (830) in Prague.

“It is exactly data which serve as a source for the majority of our projects and are their building blocks. We assay to get inspiration from abroad and via Smart Prague Index we can thus reversely present our experience also abroad The Czech Republic. I am convinced that the published information will lead to our projects’ further development and to establishing broader cooperation with our foreign partners,“ Matej Šandor pointed out.


Urban company OICT collects data, analyse them and offers them to the public as an open-source by way of The Capital City of Prague data platform Golemio. Prague thus leads by example in data sharing not only in The Czech Republic but also abroad as for other administrative subjects as well. 

The English version of Smart Prague Index is available at