Prague residents can newly value containers for sorted waste and send the city suggestions for improvement

30. 8. 2023

Moje Praha (My Prague) web application - Waste offers users a range of useful information on waste sorting in Prague. In addition to finding the nearest place for sorted waste or collection days, it is now possible to rate each container location, send a compliment to the city or an incentive to improve its condition. For the capital city of Prague, this website is developed by the municipal company Operátor ICT.

A new microsite was created for the Moje Praha mobile application, which is available at As can be seen from the link, it is currently focused only on waste in the metropolis.

"We want to make waste information available to the public without the need to have an app on your phone. As part of the pilot project of RFID chips in waste containers, which is currently underway in three city districts, labels with a QR code were placed on some of the containers. After scanning it with your phone, you will be redirected to the new web application. In the future, we want such labels on containers all over Prague," says Jana Komrsková, Deputy Mayor of Prague for the Environment.

The new microsite will thus help citizens and visitors of the capital to find the nearest public container stands for sorted waste according to their current location, if they have their GPS turned on. At the same time, it is also possible to enter the address into the search engine. In the application, you can easily filter sites according to the required type of waste (paper, plastic, clear and coloured glass, beverage cartons, metals and edible oils and fats), or select only sites where there are monitored collection containers, i.e. containers with installed sensory solution.

"In the case of using the "Measured only" filter to search for only monitored collection containers, it is possible, based on current data from sensory solutions about the fullness of the containers, to decide whether to visit the site immediately with the sorted waste or to leave the waste at home for the time being and wait for the collection of the containers to take place. "Leaving waste or anything else at a sorted waste site constitutes illegal dumping, where if the person concerned is caught, a fine can be imposed," explains the deputy for the environment. This application also offers users information about what belongs and what doesn’t belong in which containers as well as about the plans and frequency of collection of individual commodities.

A new feature that aims to improve the communication of the city and the collection companies with the residents is the option to "Rate the site". “Users can send their rating along with an attached photo about the condition of the place. Thanks to the feedback, the employees of the collection company can react more flexibly to the situation that has arisen and resolve it operatively," adds Deputy Mayor Jana Komrsková.

"All suggestions sent by users via the Moje Praha microsite - Waste, are automatically forwarded to the Změň ( application, then forwarded to the relevant city districts and the Prague City Hall. Users who provide their email address when submitting an evaluation can further monitor the resolution status of their complaint. In the future, we plan to add the same functions to the Moje Praha mobile application," explained Petr Suška, vice chairman of the board of directors and director of the Smart City and innovation department at Operátor ICT.