Leading the way

13. 6. 2017

A few days before the official presentation of Smart Prague - Vision 2030, we took over the keys of a new electric vehicle, a Volkswagen e-Golf. The car is on hire for one year and will be used as the organization´s official car. You will easily recognise it in the city because it is emblazoned with the Smart Prague logo.

Electric vehicles provide great promise when it comes to improving the environment in the city with respect to emissions and noise. We are therefore working on transport projects that will enhance the use of clean-engine technologies. The official Smart Prague electric car is part of this push.

A part of Smart Prague - Vision 2030 is clean, shared, intelligent, mobile and self-driving transport in Prague. One of the main pre-conditions for the use of electric vehicles is to have a charging infrastructure with sufficient capacity. In comparison with other European cities, Prague has a lot to do and a long way to go. It is for this reason that our project management office is intensively working on the infrastructure´s development and construction.