A retrospective of the second year of the Prague City Data Congress

23. 9. 2019

You can view a short video depicting the atmosphere of the second year of the Prague City Data Congress, which the Czech Republic hosted at the end of this May, on Smart Prague social networks. 

An international congress focusing on city data and its use for better management of cities and improvement of the lives of their inhabitants attracted more than thirty foreign experts on the issue of data in a city environment to Prague.

This year’s Prague City Data Congress was devoted to the topic of “Data for a conscious smart city” and was organised by the Operator ICT, a.s. Company in cooperation with the Institute for Planning and Development of the Capital City of Prague (IPR)). 

The second year of this congress offered a unique opportunity for networking and sharing experience in the field of city data to experts from tens of countries, from public and private sphere, the not-for-profit sector and the academic sphere. The main topics of lectures and workshops this year were open data and open API, data modelling, the building information model (Building Information Modelling, BIM) and also the potential benefits of the data perspective in the field of sustainability and mobility (particularly so-called Mobility as a Service).

This year we managed to assure the participation of several world-renowned figures from the data sphere. Ira Winders from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) shared his knowledge in the field of BIM and data modelling with congress attendees and also prepared a workshop about the impact autonomous and shared technologies have on transport within the city. Ekim Tan from Holland presented a game concept called Play the City for municipal planning and Gianfranco Cecconi talked about what it is like to manage data projects within the terms of the European Commission and the attitude of member states towards open and shared data.

We are already planning the next congress, which will take place in the spring of 2020 and we will provide new information on the praguedatacongress.com website. You can also listen to short podcasts  with experts on the issue of city data, who attended the second year of the Prague City Data congress, on the congress website.