87 Smart Street lamps to appear in Prague. Pilot project to start in Karlín

19. 7. 2017

Karlínské Square will soon have a new, more modern lighting system. As a part of the Smart Lights PLUS pilot project, the municipal company called ICT Operator will modernize public light fixtures with the objective to reduce electricity consumption. Moreover, it will also furnish them with other functionalities with the assistance of the installed measuring sensors. This was decided at the Tuesday’s meeting of the Council of the Capital of Prague. Modernized public lighting posts will also increase safety of people at the given location.

Overall, we will modernize 87 public lighting posts. Apart from the fact that smart lighting will save energy and thus also the cost of lighting, the lamps will be also equipped with sensors. The sensors will collect interesting and important data on the air quality, temperature, noise or traffic density. In the future, the lamps could also collect data from surrounding buildings, benches, smart waste bins, automatic parking machines, etc. 

The second part of the project, which will be submitted to the Council of the Capital of Prague in August, envisions complete replacement of 5 posts by new, smart lamps. Each of them will also include two chargers for electromobiles.