Utilization of the drinking water thermal energy for heating hot service water

Smart Buildings and Energy


The heat from drinking water, which is delivered to high-rise buildings, is used as an additional source for heating hot service water. Heat is collected via a panel, water-water exchanger, which is installed for this purpose in the expanded water measuring shaft along the water connection line leading to the building. The technical solution includes installation of a pump, which equalizes the pressure loss incurred as a result of the flow through the exchanger, and measures that eliminate the possibility of the operation medium (water) entering the drinking water system.

Once it is put into operation, the on-line operation information will be submitted to the Central control room of the Pražské Vodovody a Kanalizace, a.s. An analysis of the archived data will become a basis for other possible applications, which will significantly reduce their preparation time. The gained experience with the installation and operation of these device types is also not negligible.  


  • Energy savings for heating hot service water
  • Reduction of the operation cost for the building residents
  • Acquiring data for other applications

Project status

Underway. To be put into operation in 12/2017


Pražské Vodovody a Kanalizace, a.s.

Project status

In progress

Pražské vodovody a kanalizace

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