Tram accident cameras

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Preparation for the acquisition of the so-called Accident Cameras for trams with the option of a Wi-Fi connection for the passengers for the “view from the tram for passengers” with the function of blurred faces of the recorded persons and with the option of an information service about the traffic density in the proximity of the given tram for the control room; additional services could include a remote connection of the control room to the camera in the case of an accident or extraordinary event. The information for the passengers will be similar to the information provided to the passengers of long-distance České Dráhy trains etc. 


  • Reduction of extraordinary events that result in huge material damages
  • More unequivocal evidence for police investigations (extent of a given fault, identification of the adverse party in the case it flees the scene, etc.)


Prague Public Transit Company, a.s.

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We are preparing a project

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