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The project offered a multi-utility new measurement system of the selected block of flats owned by The Capital City of Prague, which secured complete meter reading forming conditions for accomplished energy consumption tracking within the block of flats. Clients thus had the opportunity to track measurement on the web portal by PREmereni company which provided this portal and related operations for securing it rendered project purpose free of charge.

Detailed, running energy consumption overview on the web portal made it easier for the leaseholders and building administrators to use energy more efficiently. By creating the portal leaseholders’ behaviour optimization with the view energy consumption decrease and emergency or possible leakage check followed. Neighbouring aim of the project was to acquire data for complaints solving during energy itemization on the part of leaseholders.



  • Online meter reading at one arranged place
  • Possible emergency and energy leakage overview control  



  • Effective meter reading
  • Energy consumption decrease
  • Effective city running during property management
  • Assumed savings – 5%


The Projec

During thirteen-month pilot operation 294 measuring devices for remote meter reading were installed in rental flats and commercial spaces in Vrtbovský Palace. For instance, hydrometers for cold and hot water, electric meters, gas meters and heating costs indicators). After finishing the pilot as of 01/2021 routine running of the project’s operation started. A part of it is a web application which enables the leaseholders and building administrator to consult energy consumption overview.


The Pilot Project Evaluation

Project completion report and data gained during the pilot run are available HERE (CZ).


Current Project Status

The measuring system is still run by OICT. Data are made available to the leaseholders and building administrator via web application created by OICT.   


Length Realization

4th quarter of 2017 – 3rd quarter of 2019



Operator ICT, Plc. – project manager

Prague City Hall

PREmereni, Plc.



Project status

Routine operation

Operátor ICT, a.s.

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