Lighting the premises of the university of chemistry and technology

Safety and health


The term “smart lighting” does not only mean a replacement of the conventional fixtures (nitrogen, halogen) by modern LED fixtures. The Siemens intelligent public lighting system integrates several, mutually communicating elements. The switching spot - control system switchboard is the central unit. The switchboard is used for controlling the public lighting system. It is equipped with diagnostics tools for determining all switchboard and light fixture malfunctions. Communication takes place remotely along the power line, optical network, Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network within the frame of the APN connection security. The switchboard can be diagnosed and controlled and individual parameters set remotely.

High-quality light fixtures made of pressure-cast aluminum using a highly efficient LED technology and adjustable optics that ensure optimal lighting of the roads and parking areas, while significantly reducing electric energy consumption. 

A complete reconstruction of the public lighting system took place on the premises of the University of Chemistry and Technology. It included installation of intelligent switchboards with a control system, LED light fixtures and new posts, and replacement of the power cables. 


  • 10-year EPC project - expenses paid from the saved finances
  • Reduction of energy consumption of the public lighting system by 60%
  • Continuous operation and energy on-line monitoring of the public lighting system
  • Lifespan of more than 20 years
  • Improved safety throughout the premises


Siemens, s.r.o.


University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague - management of purpose-built devices


June - November 2014 


Implementation completed




Project status


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